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Window Tinting

With XPEL’s cutting edge PRIME XR Nano Ceramic film you will get the best of both worlds. From 99% UV protection and up to 88% of Heat and infrared protection this film really has no comparison.


This film offers a truly black colour, unlike its competitors that look blue, green, or brown. With Prime XR you will benefit from a lot of great features, and have a lifetime peace of mind transferable warranty.

  • Ceramic Particle Technology
    XPEL’S XR FILM contains Nano ceramic particles that filter out UV and IR harmful rays, making it more efficient than regular dyed or even metallized films

  • Superior Heat Rejection

    The Nano Particle technology provides layers of protection of the sun’s heat causing infrared radiation. Not only keeping your interior cool but also improving fuel efficiency.

  • UV Ray Protection
    Prime XR offers SPF 1,000 protection, 150x more than your average sunblock. Effectively blocking 99% of Harmful UV RAYs that are the lead cause of skin cancers. Also keeping your car’s interior looking like new without fading

  • Great Clarity
    With XPEL’S XR FILMS you don’t have to have a really dark tint in order to keep cool, the ceramic technology allows us to provide high performance without sacrificing colour or clarity.

In Canada heat protection isn’t really a big priority; that’s why we offer a more affordable film.


XPEL PRIME CS is a great choice. Just like the XR it blocks 99% UV and that annoying glare.

Being a more affordable option doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. Prime CS offers a lifetime warranty against fading, bubbling, cracking, or even turning purple. The warranty is also transferable so it will add value to your vehicle.

  • Reduces glare

  • Keeps you comfortable

  • 99% UV Protection

  • Feels cool, looks hot

Window Tinting

Window Tinting Packages

Full Car Package

Side windows + back glass

SUV Partial Package

Front 2 windows

SUV Full Package

Side windows + rear glass


Sunstrip, sunroof, windshield

All Package Include

  • Computer cut patterns, designed specifically for your vehicle

  • Exterior rinse of vehicle

  • Windows detailed
    (prior to installation)

Ceramic Coatings 

Ceramic Pro is the new face of coating technologies. This innovative product helps keep your car looking clean and new.


How is Ceramic Pro different from waxes and other coatings? Its cutting edge technology combines ceramic molecular compounds and SiO2. It has the highest water angle of any coating available making anything that touches it bead right off.



The 9H coating offers a permanent nanoceramic protection against minor scratches, swirl marks, graffiti, dust & dirt, early oxidation, weather, road salt, bugs, bird droppings, tree zap, and even acid rain. It also acts as a UV filter, resists up to 1382 degrees of heat and it has excellent chemical resistance.


Any surface that has been sealed with Ceramic Pro 9H stays cleaner for longer periods of time due to its smoothness and hydrophobic qualities. The 9H coating is permanent and can only be removed using machine polishing. The unique qualities of 9H allows it to be multi-layered which means the thickness of the coating can be increased making it thicker and more durable.



The light coating is often used as a top layer of the 9H. By adding this top layer it will enhance the hydrophobicity, extend the colour depth and create a higher shine on glossy surfaces.


The Light coating can also be used as stand-alone, providing the following characteristics:

  • Lasts up to 24 months

  • 114 degrees water angle

  • Weather and UV resistance

  • Super high gloss finish

  • Greater chemical resistance

Wheel & Caliper


Keeping your wheels and calipers clean will never be the same! With this advanced coating nothing will bond to your wheels and calipers, so you can throw away all those harsh acid cleaners — all you need is water and a towel. It's that easy!

Textile & Leather

Designed for textile and leather surfaces this coating reduces the surface energy. When liquids come into contact with the fabric or leather it simply forms beads and roll off whilst keeping the textile substrate dry.

Ceramic Coatings

CeramicPro Packages

Gold — Lifetime Warranty

  • 4 Layers of 9H coating

  • 1 Layer of Light coating (Top Coat)

  • 1 Layer of Rain Repellant on all Windows

  • 1 Layer of Wheel and Caliper on Full Rim and Full Calipers X4

Silver — 5 Year Warranty

  • 1 Layers of 9H coating

  • 1 Layer of Light coating (Top Coat)

  • 1 Layer of Rain Repellent on Windshield

  • 1 Layer of Wheel and Caliper on Face of the Wheel only X4

Bronze — 2 Year Warranty

  • 1 Layer of Light coating

  • 1 Layer of Rain Repellent on Windshield

  • 1 Layer of 9H on Face of the Wheels only X4

Interior Package

  • 1 Coat on Leather

  • 1 Coat on Textile

  • 1 Coat on Plastic

  • Every surface inside the car will be coated with minimum one layer

All Package Include

Complete detail of interior & exterior of your vehicle

* Paint correction is NOT included

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